Posted by: ross9 | March 23, 2010

Today a young boy is becoming a man and graduating. His Graduation is special not just for him, but everyone who has played a part in it.

His parents will soon be saying Good-bye to the boy they once raised. While they are looking forward to some aspects, they will miss the life they became accustomed to.

From this point on their jobs as parents are complete. They are now Scared spectators who watch their son hoping they have done a good job.

This man’s parents are Relieved that they are no longer responsible for him. They don’t have to worry anymore. He is his own man.

With all of these sad emotions going on, this is a time for Celebration. These parents hold back their tears for later, and put on a celebration for their child.

While it is a time for celebration,in the back of this his mind, he is Nervous about college. Everything he has known about education is going to change…

He is nervous about college, but also Anxious to get there. As a kid growing up, everyone always said they would be the best days of his life…

For this young man, the road to graduation wasn’t so easy. He is Relieved to be done with all those tough exams. He’s done with high school…

Its a great feeling to be done, but when you begin to question your decisions, it can be tough. There is that Pressure of, did you do your best… Was it enough…

After twelve years of hard work, it is time for him to celebrate. It is time to get Excited, because this stage of your life is done…

“You can’t change the past, but every day is an opportunity to rewrite your future.” – Tony Hsieh-CEO

Posted by: ross9 | March 16, 2010

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